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1. Use of excessive doses If you take steroids , it is always best to take an overdose . This is today a major problem .
It's not only dangerous , but studies have shown that even ineffective. The body can make use of a certain quantity of steroid residue is converted to estrogen.

2. Too long bark steroid treatment should not be longer than 8-12 weeks . After this period are effective , but a longer duration of action due to losing body supersaturated receprorům sensitivity to these agents .
If a steroid used after stopping treatment , the body has a chance to recover. Moreover, it is a big burden on the liver and kidneys.

3. Poor diet Many people ignore magazines and educators that explain how food is essential for growth , but the truth is , eating healthy has a beneficial effect on the body .
Steroid users should eat at least 4000 calories a day. The diet should be high caloric with plenty of proteins and carbohydrates.

4. Poor training exercises must be intensive and difficult. Scales with which you exercise must be larger and harder training . Training should include the maximum weight possible and always try to pick up a little more than last time.

5. Regular blood tests Steroids are very dangerous and can cause major problems. Blood tests should undergo frequent and regular basis.

6. Using steroids bad bad When administered steroids also increases the problem of side effects. The strongest steroids build muscles the most , but they also have many side effects , so it is good if it is at all possible to avoid them.

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