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Euro-Pharmacies IGF 1-LR3 1 vial + 1 amp solvent [1mg] View larger

Euro-Pharmacies IGF 1-LR3 1 vial + 1 amp solvent [1mg]


IGF 1-LR3 Euro-Pharmacies - Crazy muscularity and vein

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64,00 €


IGF-1 1-LR3 or insulin-like growth factor-I LR3 is a human recombinant, single, non-glycosylated polypeptide chain of 83 amino acids and having a molecular weight of 9200 daltons. IGF1 mediates many growth promoting hormones. Early studies have shown that growth hormone did not directly stimulate the incorporation of sulphate into cartilage, but rather acted through a serum factor called a 'sulphation factor', which later became known as 'somatomedin'. The most effective form of IGF-1 is Long-R3 IGF-1. This formula has been chemically altered to prevent binding to proteins in the human body and to increase the half-life of approximately 20-30 hours.


1 vial + 1 amp solvent (1mg/vial)


Single dose vial


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