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Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals PEG MGF 1 vial [4mg] View larger

Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals PEG MGF 1 vial [4mg]

Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals

PEG MGF Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals - PEG MGF Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals

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PEG MEG (or pegylated mechano growth factor) promotes myoblast division which in turn causes the fusion and maturation of muscle tissue. This process is vital for the growth of muscle in adults. IGF-1 and MGF differ in the fact that the second stimulates myoblasts division via the activation of different receptors.

When it was firstly used, MGF was limited since the drug broke down in the body shortly after it was within the body. Since then, researchers have been able to find a practical and ingenious way of preventing the breakdown through pegylation (the process in which MGF molecules were agglomerated to molecules of polyethylene glycol). This permitted a protective coat to form and allowed the MGF to be carried through the circulatory system without breakage or losing its bioactivity or its efficiency in muscle building.

MGF that has gone through the pegylation process becomes more bioavailable and, when injected two to three times in a week, is capable of remaining concentrated for a long period.

The drug is commonly used for bodybuilders to accelerate the growth of muscular fibre. In addition to its benefits in muscle tissue building, MGF has also been used for the reduction of fat masses in the body, boosting the immune system and skin, strengthening of bones, management of cholesterol levels, increase in endurance, as well as accelerated recovery of tissue lesions.


5 mg Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor contained in a two-chamber glass cartridge


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