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Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals Stenabolic 60 tabs [5mg/tab] View larger

Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals Stenabolic 60 tabs [5mg/tab]

Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals

Stenabolic Sterling Knight Pharmaceuticals - You want to be unique

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64,00 €

Tablets SARMs

SR9009 is a synthetic Rev-Erb ligand, which is taken orally. This is a very unique compound. By stimulating the Rev-Erb protein, SR9009 has the ability to greatly influence a lot of regulatory mechanisms in the human body. For instance, it can affect the circadian rhythms, lipid and glucose metabolism, fat-storing cells, as well as macrophages. Hence, Stenabolic will allow the user to lose fat and drastically increase endurance, both of which are very desirable effects for an athlete.


60 tablets, each tablet contains SR 9009 5mg


hologram with serial NO and verification code


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