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The Truth About Healthy Sweetening comparison of syrups

The Truth About Healthy Sweetening comparison of syrups

The Truth About Healthy Sweetening comparison of syrups

"Sugar is not allowed in my kitchen, I only use honey!" - "That's horrible, like sugar in everything." - "Sugar is responsible for most civilization diseases." - "I don't eat sugar at all."
Have you ever said that sentence?

Sugar, the worst in the diet!
Sugar belongs to the group of carbohydrates, specifically to the group of so-called simple carbohydrates. When we talk about sugar, we talk about beet sugar = sucrose. However, the group of sugars also includes other disaccharides and monosaccharides, for example fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose and others. Sucrose is composed of half and half of glucose and fructose)

Nowadays, sugar is very demonized and as a result new alternatives to sweetening are emerging. Mostly they are all sorts of syrups. Are they really as healthy as they look?

So let's compare them:

cane sugar = 98% sugar (sucrose) and a small amount of minerals
coconut sugar = 87% sugar (70% sucrose + glucose and fructose) and small amounts of minerals, vitamins and inulin
honey = 80% sugar (glucose + fructose and less sucrose), 18% water and a small amount of minerals and vitamins.
date syrup = 64% sugar (30% fructose + 30% glucose and a small amount of sucrose), 20% water and a small amount of minerals and vitamins.
rice syrup = 79% sugar (65% maltose and a small amount of maltotriose and glucose), 18% water and a small amount of minerals and vitamins.
agave syrup = 76% sugar (56% fructose and a small amount of glucose), 20% water and a small amount of minerals and vitamins.
maple syrup = 67% sugar (61% sucrose and a small amount of fructose and glucose), 32% water and a small amount of minerals and vitamins.

All the aforementioned syrups (and sugars) are predominantly sugar, the component of vitamins and minerals is quite minor. The content of beneficial substances is therefore negligible and their benefit to our health cannot be mentioned.
So do not solve what to align, but how much to align. It is unnecessary to spend big money on these syrups, it makes sense to limit sweetening. Unlearn the sweet taste. Even if the sweeteners were different in their composition, it does not solve the problem. And that is, we are taught too sweet.

The problem is not sugar alone

The problem is that sugar consumption is very high, but it is also what it is combined with. Probably nobody can buy cube sugar and he would just get seated. But eating a table of milk chocolate, a box of esques or 4 pieces of cake is not such a problem. There is not only much sugar in such foods, but also fat and usually not very good for health.
Such foods are low in fiber and often protein, but rich in fat, simple sugar and thus calories.
Let us not demonize only one component, but let us look at the problem as a whole. The fact that there is no sugar in the food does not mean that it is suddenly healthy. Such fast-food fries are sugar-free, but it would definitely not be said that they would bring us any health benefits.

Exceptions prove the rule

You may have heard of chicory syrup from me. It is unique in its composition among syrups. It consists of chicory root extract, which contains 71% inulin = fiber and only 5% sugar. It can be found today in regular supermarkets, but it can also be ordered at kauma e-shop, thanks to which I could send one to you. :)
Again, it does not solve the problem of addiction to the sweet taste.
Feel free to use ordinary sugar when baking or sweetening coffee, there is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the amount. Use only half the amount when baking, sweeten your coffee with just one teaspoon instead of four.
Let me repeat my golden rule - not healthy and unhealthy foods, but only healthy and unhealthy amounts.
Don't be tempted by simple solutions. They do not work.


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