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Regenaration and factors affecting it

Regenaration and factors affecting it

Regenaration and factors affecting it


If you want to be successful in bodybuilding, you have to follow the basic rules:

-          training (whether at home or in the gym)

-          good eating habits

-          sufficient regeneration – the most important rule of all!

Without sufficient regeneration we will not be able to move forward.


However, there are factors that adversely affect regeneration and they are:

-          LACK OF SLEEP – if we sleep poorly and poorly, we cannot expect optimal muscle mass growth. The body does not manage to regenerate and in most cases it becomes a victim of overtraining. We should sleep at least 8 hours a day. The level of natural growth hormone in the body increases significantly during the deep sleep phase, which is why it is also called „healing“. During the day the production of growth hormone is minimal.

-          ALCOHOL – Alcohol suppresses protein synthesis and contributes to increased catabolism. Very seriously slows down regeneration.

-          LACK OF PROTEINS AND CARBOHYDRATES – Everyone knows that carbohydrates work as fuel for our body, so it is clear that in the absence of carbohydrates, we will lack energy, not just for exercise. In the absence of protein, the body gets into a state of catabolism. It starts to break down muscle proteins as an energy source.

-          EXCESSIVE AEROBIC ACTIVITIES – do you like a bike outside of the gym? Or running? Slow down! Excessive aerobic activities do not contribute to muscle mass growth. Some athletes also avoid aerobic activities in volume, while others pay close attention to them during the volume preparation phase. Each version has its pros and cons, although completely omitting aerobic activities is also not the best solution.


However, we can help regenerate::

-          AMINO ACIDS – amino acids greatly help to improve regeneration. Either a tablet form or a mixed drink form can be chosen.

-          CLENBUTEROL 

-          OXANDROLON 

-          BOLDENON


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